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Special thanks to Jeff Ponasik of 5 Element Fustion… I am currently working on a brand new website and will help manage their facebook page… all of which continues to be in the process of future updates. Link here to view the 5 Element Fusionwebsite!


The outlook of 2017 is… BUSY!
The goal this year is to keep busy! I sell real estate too! (remember that! I love it too - always been a weird hobby and I know what's on the market!) I love referrals... so far, many projects have made this happen! Keep the referrals coming!


WE CONSIDER BARTERS AND TRADES...We've done several successful trades. This option helps those with a limited budget or no budget at all! Consider trading a item or several for a brand new professional website or other graphic design work! An excellent opportunity for any business! Will consider ALL offers. JUST ASK! If it doesn't work out, we always have affordable payment options.:)


NEW! PAYMENT OPTIONS... We will be offering various payment options. We will accept 1/2 payment down on most projects and may accept as little as $100.00 down payment and monthly payments thereafter. Just ask! You can still get your custom website on-line ASAP!

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We hope you will find this useful resource in learning more about Creative Results and continue to check back for further completed projects & more!


Jennifer Katzfey | Creative Director
Creative Results | Established in 1995

Serving businesses for over 18 years. I started this business in Wisconsin in 1995. From 8/2003 til 6/2011, I was based out of Montrose, CO. The nice thing about my business is that I can re-locate to any destination. (I do prefer an island, but back with family and good friends is nice!)

My background is compiled of working on growing this business, as well as working at or with several companies in the fields of office management, accounting, recruiting, sales, writing, publishing, and graphic and web design work.

I will often refer to "we" or "us" in Creative Results, when it really is primarily me, myself and I. However, at any given moment I am the designer, accountant, receptionist, office cleaner, sales rep and more throughout a day. I will occassionally hire a team of professionals to help on projects if necessary.

Most of my training has been self taught (School of Hard Knocks). However, some office and graphic courses were taken and some seminars attended in learning and growing in the industry. This business has had many ups and downs, successes and failures, but continues to climb!

In a down economy, many businesses turn to different marketing techniques to help them stay current, such as updating their web-site and implementing social networking into their marketing strategy. I enjoy keeping busy, and knowing I'm taking part in helping businesses grow keeps me motivated to do and learn more in this field.

Yes, I love pink! I had an older logo with burgandy for years and I decided to be more "bold" and more me, it's different, stands out and that's the way I like it. But, I don't only create "girly" work, so be sure to view my works.

I work out of my state-of-the-art home office, which allows to keep my costs down to consumers. It also allows me the access to work many late nights.

I am Macintosh based and utilize the Adobe CS5 Software Applications (such as InDesign, Photoshop & more) for the majority of my projects. I am knowledgable in html, css, php and wordpress for web platforms.

I look forward to meeting new professionals and helping you...

"Get the results your business deserves."